Lullaby Project
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Lullaby Project When the Child is created in a Woman, everything sings in her, and everything sings for her. And Universe's love penetrates her with the rhythm of Lullaby. Lullaby's magic is in mother's sound. It is in her voice, and in the calm that is first created in her own body. In singing her lullaby, mother creates a rhythm of love and calm in herself first, and then gives that to her child. In the lullaby, mother and child pass through all of evolution together. They experience all the stages of humanity as she sings - fear, sorrow, affection ... love. The song shows baby that mother will protect him. It is trust. I have been collecting lullabies that will be lost if I don't do this. More than 200 Americans have sent me their lullabies - they have sung to me as if I were their child. The love they have breathed on me helps me to collect and protect lullabies sung in America. Masguda Shamsutdinova, Ph.D., composer, ethnomusicologist {About} Events Media WLS Kids